UltraSuite Complete™

Everything You Need To Succeed

With UltraSuite Complete™, you get everything that you need to successfully launch your UltraSlim® and UltraSmooth™ services, and a big discount:
UltraSlim® Professional (unlimited use, no additional cost)
UltraSmooth™ (unlimited use, no additional cost)
Two Days Training, Testing, and Certification at Cocoa Beach or Beverly Hills
Marketing Materials, with 7' Popup Banners, Posters, Brochures, Cards, Videos, and Production Assets
Blank Forms, Sample Procedures and Patient Materials
Eye Protection

Best Value

Combine both technologies to maximize your savings with the UltraSuite Complete™ discount -- and maximize your revenues by offering a broader range of services to your patients.

Your turnkey launch solution includes everything you need to succeed at one low price or monthly payment.

What you get:

UltraSlim® Professional
UltraSlim® 3D Imaging Workstation
Extensive Library of Marketing Assets
7' UltraSlim® Popup Banner
7' UltraSmooth™ Popup Banner
UltraSlim® Patient Brochures
UltraSlim® Point-of-Sale Posters
Vectra® H2 Camera
Touch Screen Computer and Software
Integrated Color Printer
Treatment Table
Opaque Drape
Whole-Body Vibration Plate
Impact Massager
Unlimited Use, No Per-Use Cost
Comprehensive Training and Support
Price Protection
Free Upgrades
Next-Day Replacement Warranty
Free Shipping
Money-Back Guarantee*

1In multi-site clinical trials NCT02867150 at ClinicalTrials.gov, researchers demonstrated immediate fat loss for 100% of patients, with losses at each treatment averaging 1.6 liters and 3.5" combined from the waist, hips, and thighs. At follow-up visits a week later, patients had lost a total of 4.75" on average. Over 98% of patients lost at least 2" at each procedure. FDA approvals K160880 and K150336. U.S. Patents include 9,498,641, 9,044,595 and 9,808,314.

* Call 1-800-392-5950 today and ask your Product Specialist for details.