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Shown above, Christopher lost 20.5 inches, 27 pounds, and 6.1 liters of belly fat with twelve 32-minute UltraSlim treatments.  Shown above are his images before treatment, after treatment, and an overlay of his before and after images, making it easy to see exactly what he lost!

Shown below, Zindy lost 28 pounds, 5432cc, and 4.4" off her waist with 8 treatments. Click the image to see more details on her inch loss and cc of lost fat volume.


Shown below at left is a digital overlay of Zindy's before and after photos, making it easy to see exactly where she lost 28 pounds of fat. The photograph below right illustrates her awesome results with jeans that fit her before she lost 4.4" from her waist. Try it yourself!


Shown below, Taylor had dramatic results with weekly 32-minute UltraSlim treatments for her waist, hips, and thighs.  In just four weeks, Taylor lost 13" of stubborn fat, as shown below:

Shown below are before and after images of a patient who received 6 UltraSlim treatments by Dr. Robert Burke at his practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Shown below are photos taken before and three days after a patient received one 32-minute UltraSlim treatment by Dr. Robert Burke:

Shown below is Kristen, another lady who had 3 treatments over 2 weeks.  As you can see, she lost a combined 4.2" with three measurements and lost 1,336cc of fat in those three areas.  She also lost inches and fat in her thighs, however, those losses are not measured in these photos.


Below is an overlay of Kristen's before photo as a transparency over her "after" photo taken two weeks later, after her third UltraSlim treatment session. The transparent areas indicate where she lost 1,336cc of belly fat and back fat. Although not measured in the photos, you can also see where she lost fat in her thighs.


Shown below are before and after images for one treatment, which demonstrate the body contours and improved muscle definition achieved with combined circumferential reduction of 2.0" at three measures in the waist and hips, and a corresponding loss of 842cc of fat.


Shown below is Hannah, who lost over 100 pounds before she began UltraSlim treatments.

Shown below is an overlay of Hannah's before and after photos, highlighting the reduction in size due to UltraSlim.

James lost 2.8 liters of stubborn belly fat in just four weeks with weekly 32-minute UltraSlim treatments — and James is just starting his total body transformation! Shown here on Day 1 and Week 4. Below is an overlay of Day 1 and Week 4.

Shown below are before and after photos for inventor, Terry J. Ward, M.H.A., who lost 60 pounds with UltraSlim.

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our before and after photographs.  In 2017 we installed a Vectra XT 3D Imaging System from Canfield Scientific and are working to create a robust library of 3D images for your evaluation.


Except for the images courtesy of, all before and after photos are UltraSlim patients treated by Mobile Laser Slimming, LLC at its offices in Altamonte Springs, Cocoa Beach, Orlando, or The Villages, Florida.