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Be faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

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Serve our employees and their families by establishing a work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals, and nurture families.

Ward Photonics Timeline

  • 2011

    In 2011, Terry J. Ward, Sr., M.H.A. made a quantum leap discovery in photobiomodulation and noninvasive light-based medicine.

    Within two years, Ward had assembled working devices that were thousands of times more powerful than low-level lasers.

  • 2013

    Ward Photonics LLC was formed on January 16, 2013 to design, manufacture, and license light-based medical devices.

    In July 2013, Ward Photonics established a Longevity Testing Lab at its R&D facilities in Cocoa Beach, on the technology-driven Space Coast of Florida.

    Today, 96% of those original red lights are still operating properly after more than 50,000 hours of continuous use.

    The red beacon is visible from miles away and the "Red Light Room" became an established Cocoa Beach landmark.

  • 2014

    The research team passed independent laboratory testing and received ten international standards accreditations.

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  • 2015

    By February 2015, Ward Photonics was awarded our first FDA clearance (K150336).

    A few months later, Ward Photonics received the first of three U.S. patents for fat reduction with noncoherent light and conducted the first IRB clinical trials (NCT02867150 at ClinicalTrials.gov).

  • 2016

    A second FDA clearance (K160880) was awarded

  • 2018

    UltraSmooth™ received its first FDA clearance (K180338) in 2018 (the 3rd for Ward Photonics), offering the most effective noninvasive cellulite treatment.

    Beverly Hills UltraSlim® Institute was established in 2018 with training and research facilities -- and its own "Red Light Room" over world-famous Villa Blanca Restaurant.

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  • 2019

    Working together with Canfield Scientific, Ward Photonics developed state of the art 3D imaging technology for automated measurements and volumetric analysis, showing patient immediate fat loss with UltraSlim®.

  • 2020

    As Ward Photonics has grown from a start-up into the international leader in innovative light-based medical devices, its leadership team has grown to include many exceptional members working in different disciplines. The founders and inventors continue to provide leadership, direction, and on-going research:

    Terry J. Ward, Sr., M.H.A., Managing Director
    Terry "Judson" Ward II, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    Carolyn J. Ward, Vice President

Terry J. Ward, Sr., M.H.A., Managing Director and Terry Judson Ward II, Vice President
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Ward Photonics Headquarters Cocoa Beach, Florida

FDA-cleared UltraSmooth™ and UltraSlim® Devices

Beverly Hills UltraSlim Institute
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Proudly Made In The USA

Design, manufacturing, quality management, creative production, marketing, and administrative teams are based in Cocoa Beach.
Provider training and support facilities are located in Cocoa Beach and Beverly Hills.
All of our devices are quality made in Cocoa Beach by highly skilled craftsmen who proudly sign each device, enabling Ward Photonics to stand behind our products 100% with a 7-year, next-day replacement warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Our research has paid off handsomely with category-leading innovations. We have patents issued or pending in 146 countries and a robust pipeline of innovative new products for international release. We invite research funding proposals and are committed to introducing the next generation of light-based medical devices.

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