Career Opportunities at Ward Photonics

Career Opportunities

Ward Photonics currently has full-time career opportunities at Cocoa Beach for:
Customer Service
Sales Team
Marketing and New Media Production.

Our sales team includes Product Specialists and Senior Product Specialists. Sales staff may elect to work remotely, once trained.

Available Positions

Product Specialists

Product Specialists are expected to be highly-capable, but less experienced than Senior Product Specialists. Candidates are expected to lease their first system within 60 days and to average at least 1 system per month on an on-going basis. Product Specialists may elect to work on an hourly pay plus commission basis [in our headquarters] or on a commission-only basis if working remotely.

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Senior Product Specialists

Senior Product Specialists may elect to work on a salary plus commission basis or on a commission-only basis. Candidates are expected to be highly skilled, well-informed on our products, and able to hit the ground running and lease an average of at least 4 systems per month on an on-going basis.

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Marketing and New Media Production

Marketing and New Media Production positions require demonstrated skills and portfolio of marketing and commercial art. Experience with social media buys is a plus. Compensation is hourly or salaried.

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Customer Service

Customer Service positions may require some weekends, or most weekends. Some positions may require a clear driving record. Compensation is hourly or salaried.

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Andrea Baca - Product Specialist

Andrea Baca, Product Specialist, is shown here discussing her tenure with Ward Photonics. Andrea had never worked in the medical field and was previously store manager of a shoe store, but she quickly sold a 7-year prepaid lease during her first month and she still holds the companywide record for the fastest close -- only 8 minutes from "Hello" to giving wire transfer instructions.

For immediate consideration in confidence, please forward your resume. Ward Photonics is an equal opportunity employer. Veterans are always given preference.