UltraSlim® 3D Imaging Station

Photography Worthy of Your Results

Working together with Canfield Scientific, we now offer our clients the precision and accuracy of automated 3D imaging technology for your patients. As a selling tool, to improve patient satisfaction, for documentation of care, and for automation of measurements, nothing works better than UltraSlim® 3D Imaging Workstation.

Equipment for all your practice needs

We market our 3D imaging with UltraSlim® and UltraSmooth™ devices, however, our 3D imaging workstations work equally well with your other noninvasive and surgical procedures.
Take advantage of automated measurements and volumetric analysis to show your patients their immediate fat loss with UltraSlim®. [In clinical trials, patients lost an average of 3.5” and 1,580cc of fat in just 32 minutes.]
Nothing works better to demonstrate your success over cellulite with UltraSmooth™, detailing smooth skin and volumetric reductions.
The UltraSlim® 3D Imaging Workstation uses 5 poses for 10 high resolution photos that combine to map the surface of your patient’s skin with laser precision:

  •    Integrates 3D imaging, touchscreen computer, color printer, Vectra® software, and a compact 24” x 24” medical cart for easy mobility and storage.
  •    Patients see dramatic results at each visit, with accurate measurements of circumference and volume.
  •    Use the touchscreen to pinch, zoom, slide, and rotate synchronized before and after 3D images, providing the patient with optimal information.
  •    Create digital overlays of before and after images, highlighting areas that changed.

Upon request and with your permission, our trainers can view your workstation remotely to assist you with how you provide patient services and with use of your imaging system.

Automates circumference and volumetric measurements and before/after comparisons.

Review and compare before and after images along with a before/after overlay.

Your Strongest Sales Tool

When considering a procedure, UltraSlim® 3D Imaging Workstation shows your patient every flaw in great detail and from every point of view! Post-treatment, patients see their results with equal clarity. There is no better tool for consultations and selling!