UltraSlim® is uniquely positioned to help your patients regain their confidence. No matter how many times they have tried and failed with dieting and exercise, you can assure your patients that they will be successful today.

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Asharaf Dabawala

"I have lost 2 belt sizes and my sugar has gone down by 30%."

Dr. Dabawala has provided the community with the highest level of compassionate service by combining his extensive experience...

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Stephen Marks

"We currently have four machines in our practice because treatments are so effective for fat loss"

"I would never buy or use a product until I know for sure..."

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Dr. Robert Abraham

"I have sold 45 packages of UltraSlim in 45 days."
[$135,000 MSRP]

"We have just been so busy lately we haven't had time to think..."

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