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A Better Technology

Ward Photonics builds the most powerful aesthetics equipment on the market.  And the safest.

Our innovative light-based technologies offer exciting clinical results without any of the risks and side effects reported by patients who select surgery or energy-based technologies which destroy living tissue, such as freezing, ultrasound, microwaves, and R/F.  Only Photonica Professional is so safe that it is classified as a Risk Group 1 device.  All of the competing energy-based technologies involve greater risks to the patient and are classified as more dangerous Risk Group 3 or 4 devices.

Our unique UltraSlim® and Cellulize® light-based technologies are based on photobiomodulation of the cells with red and green light.  Our proprietary technologies are unique and have issued and pending patents in the Unites States and 146 other countries.

At the 2016 American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery annual conference in Boston, Photonica Professional was best in class — head and shoulders above the competition, with excellent outcomes and no negative side effects.

Ward Photonics builds the Photonica Professional™, UltraSlim® Professional, and Cellulize® systems in beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA.  UltraSlim Cold Light® Model D is made in the USA by Photonic Research LLC.  Ward Photonics distributes products worldwide.  Cellulize® is not available in the USA.

“In 50 years in the fitness industry, I’ve never seen technology this effective.” – William Dabish, Co-Founder of Powerhouse Gym International (over 300 locations in 39 states and 17 countries)

Proven Results

In Orlando, the first provider to offer our technology earned $160,000 the first month (more...). 

In Chicago, Dr. Ryan sold $650,000 with his first Groupon, earning $175,000 in pre-sales the week before his system was delivered (more...). 

Dr. Joe in Chesapeake, Virginia sold $25,000 his first 3 days.  

Dr. Dave sold $22,000 in Tucson, Arizona his very first day. 

Our national marketing exclusives bring in thousands of new customers.  We provide stock before and after photos, videos, and other assets for your marketing. Individualized web design, print media, and digital marketing are available per quote.

“We are earning $100,000 a month and are booked up two months in advance.  What would it cost to get a second one?” – Dr. Adam, Louisiana.  

“I could honestly go on for quite some time but to make a long story short, Terry as well as the technology he creates and the team he  employs is first class all the way." – Dr. Ryan, New York.

Shown below are Russell Long, Dr. Erich Breitenmoser, Terry J. Ward, and Judson Ward at Dr. Erich's Practice Wealth 2016 Extreme Bootcamp (more...).  Dr. Erich brings insight, discipline, and experience to helping leading physicians around the world to build their practice and enjoy their success.  We appreciate Dr. Erich's support and recommend that all of our clients take advantage of his Practice Wealth coaching.

"Photonica Professional...the ultimate red light technology that can double, triple, quadruple your business." "...the one machine that is FDA cleared is the one that gives the most results." – Dr. Erich Breitenmoser, Switzerland, world-renown practice development consultant.

A Smarter Business Model

Upgrades:  Future-proof leasing programs protect you from technological improvements with automatic no-cost upgrades.  You always have the newest and best equipment.

Protection:  Enjoy protected pricing. When you invest in marketing, never worry that someone else can profit from your marketing or undercut your pricing. Invest confidently, secure that you will never see a competitor offering those services at a lower price than you.

Training:  Our goal is to help you to become profitable from day one. Our extensive training features two days of hands-on training in beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida -- including complimentary ground transportation and beachfront accommodations.  We also offer online training modules and two-way videoconferencing for interactive webinars with you and your staff. 

Repairs:  Our equipment is made to last, but if you ever have a problem, our leases provide for next-day replacement.

Money-Back Guarantee: We guarantee your success and 100% satisfaction with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Financing is available. Trade-ins are accepted.  

"I truly believe that this will work well for our profession, and especially for our future graduate Chiropractors. The by-product of this model will certainly be a force for good." – Dr. Andrew H. Krantz, Senior Professor at Life University and Vice President of the Georgia State Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Your technicians can achieve strong profits and excellent patient outcomes -- without taking the doctor's time.

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Photonica Professional!

Includes Photonica Professional pay-per-use light therapy system.  Includes delivery, two-day hands-on training in Cocoa Beach, complimentary ground transportation and oceanfront accommodations.

No purchase necessary.  Enter here online or in person at our booth at the FCA National Convention in Orlando.

Winner will be announced by email to all entrants at conclusion of the FCA National Convention on August 28, 2016.

Terms and conditions apply.  Must be a physician (MD, DO, DC, or DOM) in the USA to win.

Enter Now To Win

Every operator receives VIP service and support, when you need it.

  • Hands-On Training and Webinars
  • National Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Next-Day System Replacement

Photonica Professional is not for everyone.  Click Here for warnings and contraindications.